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The only Greek village that is divided in two by a river.

It is located about 70 km northeast of the city of Ioannina. According to the 2011 census, Vovousa had 115 inhabitants, who are engaged in logging and tourism. The village was also known by the Vlach name Baieasa (Baiasa).

In the middle of the village is the landmark of Vovousa, the single-arched stone bridge that connects its two banks and neighborhoods. It was built in 1748 by Alexios Messios and has been recognized as a newer archaeological monument.

The river Aoos passes through the village, the roar of the waters from which the village probably got its name. Around the river there are remarkable habitats that host rich flora and fauna. Vovousa is one of the entrances to the Valia Calda National Park.

According to tradition, Vovousa arose from the unification of four smaller villages. It flourished as a member of the autonomous region of Zagori during the Turkish occupation and was considered one of the largest village of the Zagoria villages. In the past, the main occupations of the inhabitants of Vovousa revolved around livestock, trade and transport.